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Apricodabra Apricot Sour

New Scotland Brewing Company

Apricodabra Apricot Sour

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New traditions start with fresh ideas. Our Small Batch Series gives us a chance to play with new styles and flavours while embracing proven brewing methods. This limited edition brew is only available in a small batch so get it while it’s cold. If you love it, we’ll keep making it.

Flavour Profile

So...the team took on the long gruelling task of making a sour with fruit and did a nice job with very little guidance.
It’s called Apricodabra and it’s 4.2% abv. The fruit mellows out the sourness which is a deceptive Ph of 3.4 which would normally be tooth-dissolving sourness. With a little encouragement, a bunch of the female bar staff decided to take on the challenge of a kettle sour with apricots. They brewed and packaged this beer every step of the way and we are really proud of what they have accomplished.