Live Events Stage

We have built a small acoustic stage for our local musicians to come and promote their original music while enjoying our handcrafted beer, cider and mead.

Garrett Mason

 Past Performers

  • Adam Baldwin
  • Garrett Mason
  • Willie Stratton
  • Morgan Davis
  • Keith Hallett
  • Ruth Minnikin
  • Gabe Minnikin
  • Anna Plaskett
  • Jim Henman
  • Mike Trask
  • Thomas Stajcer
  • Tom Rich
  • ...and many more great local artists!

(Pics below)


Upcoming Performances

    Keep checking back for updates on new acts!
    For booking inquires, please email us at; 
    Please send along your bio and music links for us to sample in order for us to consider any bookings. Thanks for your interest!
    Scott Saccary, Adam Baldwin, Kevin Saccary
    Willie Stratton
    Joel Plaskett
    Gabe Minnikin, Ruth Minnikin, Anna Plaskett
    Dave Archibald
    Nick Martinello
    Willie Stratton & Friends